We use an accumulating method: as soon as the total number of words in your consecutive orders reaches 5000, you get a 5% discount on all future orders.

For every translation job, we send you a standard invoice, which is payable within 15 days by bank transfer, check or money order.

If you need a certified translation (signed and sealed), we provide free shipping within Canada by a courier service for all orders over $300.

Minimum rate: set price for 200 words.

All rates are given in Canadian dollars.

We are always open for a money talk.



Rates Chart (Canadian Dollars)



Translation of general* non-commercial documents

$0.18 per word**

Translation of general commercial documents

$0.20 per word

Translation of technical texts

$0.25 per word

Review translation of general texts

$0.08 per word

Interpretation (consecutive)

$80 per hour

Proofreading (Russian and English only)

$0.05 per word


                                  * = non-technical

                                  ** = per word of the translated text, including auxiliary words

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